Sandra and Suzanne

Mom and I opened the restaurant in 1992. She, a talented cook with a true love and understanding for food, wanted to test her abilities professionally. I, with my MBA from the University of Chicago, was unfulfilled in my corporate finance position. I longed for the autonomy and creativity of running my own business.

We are Italian American by descent and we lived in France when I was a child. These are the two biggest influences on my Mom’s cooking. She adores the flavors of Provence - tomatoes, garlic, olives and olive oil. Simple, natural flavors that are honestly delicious and not over-contrived. Mom has a love for food. Consequently, the menu reflects other influences in her life as well - a little Asian, a little Mexican and maybe some interesting spice that she picked up at the Indian market. In the fall of 1992, the question we answered most often was “what kind of food will you serve?” It was difficult for us to explain, because, quite simply, it was Mom’s food. As we struggled for a name, it seemed that Suzanne’s Cuisine was the logical choice. Suzanne’s Cuisine isn’t just her kitchen, it is her cooking as well.

Suzanne at work in the kitchen.

Mom is passionate about quality. She travels to three farmers markets and the produce market to hand select our produce (90% of which is organic). She loves to share her food with friends and guests. I once read that “food is love made visible”. With no one is this more true than with Mom.

On the home fronts, I keep the bills paid, the staff trained and the restaurant organized. In short, Mom is what makes Suzanne’s Cuisine special and I am what makes it happen. Neither of us could or would be here if it weren’t for the other.

We appreciate the love and support of our staff and customers throughout the years. Without you, we would not be here. If you are new to Suzanne’s Cuisine, we sincerely hope that you will join us. We promise to indulge you with a memorable evening comprised of delicious food and caring service.

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